Monday, December 22, 2014

Major Setback

I know my trip home has had some speed bumps along the way. I knew that would be the case. Last time was easier in that my grandma has a lot less rules. Having Duchess with me in circumstances like these can be complicated. I know she is used to having free reign of my house. So it has been challenging to say the least. I know I hate when I am away from home at times because it is easier  to maintain my normal routine. I know recently I have had occasion also lows. Sadly I had a bad low on Sunday afternoon. I had to church with my dad and nephew. Then we went to get some Christmas shopping done. I had some crazy movements in blood sugar after eating cereal. Sometimes I can eat with no problems other times it can cause me issues. Then my pump site went bad all after eating breakfast.

Normally if I was going to go shopping after church I would have eaten oatmeal or things which seem to keep me level. I was rushed that morning. I remember the ride home after shopping and then I came out of it as the EMS showed up. My blood sugar was 26. I thought it was interesting that the paramedic s thought it was unusual to be talking at blood sugar of 26 but  I have low and holding conversation. I know that my exercising is also why I bounced back quickly as well. They treated me as normally would. The paramedic called in to the Dr. Because I went AMA. I refused transport to the hospital. The Dr. Insisted that I needed to be seen I have these issues occasionally. I know he was pushy but I told him the only thing they would do is tell me to follow up with my Dr. I also know the Dr. was already making assumptions which would mean a lecture and saying I was not in control. I honestly know I would shut down the Dr and, be wasting time and money.

After my past couple experiences I was not willing to take carp and judgement from a Dr. Not familiar with my case. I also know that this time I did not over dose for food or have Insulin onboard at the time. I have a feeling it was related to being off schedule and extra activity. I told my family where my glucagon was located when I first got in town but they said they forgot. I know the glucagon would have been less dramatic and less stressful. I am hoping to get things back in order quickly. I am glad it's almost Christmas. Then a great deal of the stress will be gone.  I think my Dad called every relative in town to tell them what happened. I know at Christmas I will not be discussing what happened because they all do not seem to understand what my life is like. I know times like these I am so thankful to have all my Diabetic friends.

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