Thursday, December 11, 2014

Article About Service Dogs

I read an article today about how service do really do love to work. I think a great deal of people I have meet think having a service dog is mean. I have found from my experience that Duchess is the happiest dog I have ever owned. I know it relates to her having a purpose and a job. I know each day she gets up and is excited she gets to go to work with me. I know there are morning it is cold and she does not want to leave because the weather but she still wants to go regardless. Overall Duchess loves the constant companionship of being around me all day and most of the time I feel the same way. We do have our moments when we get on each other nerves but that is part out of being a team. I know a great deal of people think that service dogs work 24 -7 but they do get downtime. I know with my schedule I do give her hours each night where she can just be a dog. Having down time is necessary for all of us and Duchess is no different. I am thankful everyday that she is so willing to go to work with me. She is always excited even though there could be scary moments.

I have meet so many people who worry that being a service dog is bad for Duchess's health but I find the opposite to be true. She exercises more frequently, eats high quality food that is measured, is examined for any issues regularly and learns new things frequently. These all help to keep her lean, catch issues sooner for medical issues and also keep her mind active. I know so many people make assumptions that just are not true. What they don't understand is that we both benefit from our partnership. dog/  

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