Monday, December 15, 2014

Suprise A Cold

Well I have been so busy getting ready to go and even started to drink Emergency C in preparation for my up coming flight but it was too late. My roommate brought home a cold and spread it to everyone in the house. I told him to stay away from me when he is sick because the Methotrexate I take compromises my immune system further. So I am still taking the emergency and drinking a great deal of fluids. I am hoping I will be back to my normal routine soon enough. I know once I start to feel a cold going to the gym is out of the question. I have been blessed the my blood sugars have not been to wonky over the weekend for the most part. I had a great deal of lows on Saturday so I stayed home and rested. Which probably was helpful. I had no idea I had a cold until Saturday morning and I was only sneezing occasionally. Then Sunday I woke up felt fine and as I hit Sunday night is when I noticed more of the symptoms coming on. Sunday I was busy packing and getting ready for my trip.

My goal for this week is to get the couple of things done tonight so that on Tuesday night I am not driving myself crazy trying to do too many things before I leave town. I always bath Duchess the night before we leave to help people with dog allergies. I also cleaned her dog vest as well. I always try to make sure when I am traveling that I make it as easy as possible for everyone around me. Duchess is ready to go already she was packing some of her toys the only issues is she wants to take all of her toys which is way too much. Thankfully she seemed to get that she could only take a few toys with her.

I know I am trying to make sure I rest up as much as possible but still get all my work done and all the last details before I leave on Wednesday. I know I got a great deal done this weekend so I really only have several small things to accomplish. Thankfully Duchess seems to be aware of my cold and seems to be on high alert so far nothing really dramatic so far. I know I will probably have to use a temp basal today which is fine.  I normally do not have this many colds and I hate knowing that the Methotrexate which really helps me is also playing a role in me getting another cold.

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