Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am still not a hundred percent sure what happened with Duchess this past weekend. I have been making her rest more and now she seems to be getting back to normal. She is full of energy and is back to running around like she normally does. I always worry that she injured herself after two incidents earlier this year where she had soft tissue damage when she was out playing in the back yard. So I am really relieved with up coming travel and flights that she is better. I know she is very active so the past couple of days seems to have been difficult for her but I also know that if she rests and it allows her to heal up faster. The interesting part of the past couple of days is that even though I know she was not feeling great she never stopped alerting.

I know I plan on continuing to limit her activity at least till the end of the week just to make sure if she did injure herself that we are not making it worse by allowing her to play vigorously. I know Duchess is really hyper when she does play ball she tends to get way too excited and I worry now about what will happen. I am extremely fortunate she did not seem to injure herself bad enough to go to the vet last time she was on pain medication and other medications for several weeks. I know I prefer for my best friend to be injury free. I know as Duchess ages I will need to be careful about what I allow her to do. She seems to be getting injuries so much easier these days.

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