Thursday, December 4, 2014

When Other Things Show Up

I know at times when other things happen medically that is not associated with Diabetes it can really send you into a tailspin at times. I know recently I have had an issue for a while that I kept putting off because frankly I was tired of dealing with all the appointments, equipment and other items. I knew the Dr. was going to tell me that yes I will need other things to be checked out before we can determine the solution. With it being in the middle of the holidays it can be even more overwhelming when I am trying to rush to get an ultrasound done before I leave for my vacation.

I know I also was given all this medical pamphlets to review and I am supposed to be able to tell the Dr. by next Monday what option I want to go with. So all this information is swirling in my head and I am just trying to make the best decision for me. I know sadly no one my friends have had to choose these options so I having to go off reviews and other information which I have found to make things worse.

I know with all this recent appointments and other decision I had to make it has taken some of the intense focus on my Diabetes away. Which has been nice but I am also making sure to keep myself safe by keeping up with my exercise and trying to keep the stress down. I know until now I did not realize how focused I am just on my Diabetes and how some of the less noticeable issues I tend to avoid until it is screaming for my attention to an extent.

So I know I should have done a better job of following up but at times I feel like I live at the Dr.'s. I do well with the annual eye exams, dental visits and other things but sometimes I fall behind with things like I will deal with it when I go in my annual exam etc. I am going to try and work on this. I am not looking forward to my ultrasound, but I know I will have more upcoming appointments. I am not looking forward too, but I am thankful that at least on the Diabetes front I am not burnt out right now. I am looking forward to getting this problem addressed so I can just have the one constant thing I am used to dealing with.


  1. Diabetes alone is more than any of us deserve, and when anything above and beyond comes along in addition I can totally understand feeling overwhelmed.

    Sending you supportive wishes and lots of love, Tarra. Wishing you the best through it all! Please keep us posted (to whatever level you feel comfortable).

    1. Thanks Scott I really appreciate it. I am hoping everything will be fine but checking to make sure also will give me some peace of mind. I know I will find out more today so my fingers are crossed that it will be resolved quickly.