Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thankful For What I Have

I know recently I have been so busy getting ready to go on my trip. I forgot my pump at home again and it is also the day of my holiday party at work. So sadly I am trying to wing it for the day with injections instead of my pump. I know days like these are fabulous reminder to count my blessings. I love having an insulin pump and I know there has been times where I could not afford it.

So I feel incredibly blessed that I have my Diabetic alert dog Duchess, my Dexcom G4 and my Animas One Touch Ping. I am blessed to be able to afford to have all this technology when others have trouble getting insulin. I know as the holidays approach I like to think about all the reasons I am blessed beyond belief. I also have wonderful friends in the DOC and also friends who are not Diabetic. I am also thankful for my Dr. office they keep sane in the middle of the chaos I call Diabetes. I know as I prepare to leave for my extended holiday vacation I am also reminded that I am lucky to have a week and half of paid time off and the ability to take more time off. This really gives me an opportunity to see my family and enjoy the holidays.

I know everyday I feel thankful that I have Duchess she has been with me through some of very rough patches and then kept me seizure free for over two years. I am thankful for her dedication and hard work but I am most thankful for her companionship. Sometimes being seen as disabled person it can be very isolating people seem to view you as not approachable or other preconceived ideas they have of a disabled person. I am thankful for Duchess personality because she does some of the craziest things that just make me laugh and she reminds everyday to look at the big picture. She also does some of the weirdest things at times that I have never seen another dog do. I think she thinks she is one of us.

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