Friday, December 12, 2014

Back to Night Time Lows

I have been working hard to keep my blood sugars from being low but for the past week it has been low even with making adjustments daily. I dropped it several units down on each setting but no improvement yet. I also know working out tends to cause issues at night since I am working out around 7pm at night. Some times if I am lucky I will get to the gym around 6:45pm if possible. I am finding that every night after 12pm I nose dive so I am reducing my insulin up three hours before but I am still dropping. So I am continuing to reduce in hopes I might find just the right settings. I am thankful that I am not battling the issues like I was last year. So I am spending more time reviewing my Dexcom graphs and trying new things.

I know I am the only person who can change things right now. I know I can call my Dr. send Dexcom information and they will do the changed but I really like to figure it out on my own. I normally can figure it out but it does take some time to figure it out but I will not give up. I know recently I have been so focused on making sure I get to the gym I have no paid as much attention to the lows after working out. Most of the time I have been able to find the right settings but with all the activity and preparing to leave around the holidays. It has taken me longer than I like.

So I am hoping I will find the solution when I look at my Dexcom graphs and review my blood sugars tonight. I am really getting excited about my trip back home next Wednesday. So I am hoping to get things as smoothed out as possible before I leave.

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