Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holidays and Reminders

At times it's a great reminder that when you have a Diabetic alert dog you need to be careful what your family tells your alert dog. I noticed that my dad is telling Duchess to go away several times. The danger in doing so is that when an emergency arrives . Success really listens when you tell her things and the message she is getting is not positive when you are telling her to go away. She depends upon trusting the person she might alert too. I know my dad was thinking about what he is telling her. I know Duchess reminded me again how important our words to Duchess are. I know I feel so fortunate to have Duchess in my life. Getting my family on board to understand three reasoning behind why I do things can be difficult.

I hope everyone is enjoying time with your family's tonight. I know I can't wait till I see my nephew opening presents tomorrow. I also looking forward to spending time with my family, aunts,uncles and  cousins. I know I am looking forward tomore good times. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!!!

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