Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Full of Surprises

I was really surprised that I answered a phone call yesterday from My Dr. Office and to my surprise it was my Endocrinologist. He was sending in a refill for my insulin pump supplies. It is usual these days to have a Dr. actually call the patient. I really expect the staff to contact me, but I really love the attention to detail my Dr. has and the Physician assistant I see regularly. They really surprise me sometimes with how much they care and how well they manage having so many long term type 1 Diabetics in one office. I know I am still surprised by how hard they work to get me what I need. I know I am truly blessed and I wish I had found this Dr. years ago because my life would have been much simpler if I had.

I know with all my other non D related issues I am experiencing I can always call my PA and she will recommend a Dr. for me to see. The office staff is friendly and caring as well. I am pleased that with their help my health is always improving and most of all they listen to my concerns as the patient. I know a great deal of Dr. do not spend the time to discuss this with patients. I know I love the fact that they ask me how I am doing besides my Diabetes which is nice because my Diabetes does not define me but it is just something I deal with.

I also love that they really take the time to understand what Duchess does for me. I know they have recommended that other patients who have issues similar to mine that they look into getting a Diabetic Alert dog. They give all the patients looking into it my contact information so I give them the good and the bad of having a service dog. I love that I can help others on their journeys as well. 

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