Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Am More Than a Type

I get frequently asked what type am I ? Instead of saying type 1 I am going to say several things. I am an incredibly stoic person for one. I don't normally lose my cool during emergencies and tend to extremely focused during those times when I had to help others. I get this from my mother who was a nurse and great grandmother. I come from a long line of incredibly strong women who tend to not complain and just deal with what it at hand. I know no matter what happened they never gave up they were very strong even though they faced a great deal of adversity. I know I have faced some as well in my own life and I know I will always be a better person because of the lessons I have learned. I know some people may assume I am cold, but that is really the furthest from the truth. I am incredibly caring but you really have to get to know me before you get to see who I really am. I am incredibly shy and I know some people have seen me when I was really stretching myself to be more outgoing.

I am a perfectionist who is way too serious but also very sarcastic person as well. I am a runner who has dreams of pushing myself to finish my next big adventure. I am an adrenaline junkie who has driven a real race car, drove a combine, and who is sky diving this month. I love to zip-line and try new things. I am the person who loves to feel the adrenaline pumping through my body even though I know it will affect my blood sugar. I am the person who loves to push the envelope at work and who pushes to changes things that are not working.

I am the person who will help a friend out because they need my help. I am the person who loves to challenge myself. I am the daughter who's dad tells her not to do something, but I do it just to prove him wrong. He does not always support my idea of doing exercise for long periods of time because it is dangerous but I don't want Diabetes to win. So I do it anyway. I love  a challenge and love to figure out how I can do it. I will always be the person who wants to do more. I will always be the person who loves to give myself the opportunity to achieve great things event though no on will believe it is possible.

I am not define by my Diabetes and never will be. I will always be the girl that is strong and does not give up because that is always who I have been. Diabetes will not stop me it will only be something I have to deal with. I know some people may find me inspiring I will always see myself as a person who is just trying to have a normal life regardless of Diabetes.I will always struggle with lows but I will not let it define who I become because I can change how I view things regardless of how others view me. I am not a type but I am a person with a chronic illness who is trying to live a normal life.

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