Monday, November 17, 2014

Double Checking

I normally know if I have a high blood sugar I need to make sure my hands were clean. This weekend I was busy rushing around and tested. It said 226 but my Dexcom was saying 148. I bolused and then it finally dawned on me that yes I should have gotten out some alcohol wipes out and cleaned my hands before I bolused. Sure enough I was really 148 and not 226. So I ended up eating something because I did not want to crash. I was not hungry so I was not the happiest person having to eat more because of my mistake. So I checked my blood sugar on Sunday and It was high in the morning saying I was 294 but I decided to double check before I bolused. Sure enough I was actually 132 instead of 294 which made me very happy. It is so easy to just bolus but I know I feel better if I feel normal but the meter is telling me something different.

I know I am glad I did not rage bolus during both of these times because I would be eating quite a bit of food if that was the case. I am glad its a new week but a great reminder if you think your blood sugar is not making sense wash hands and retest. I know if I do use alcohol I let it dry completely before pricking my finger that way I do not skew the results with the alcohol. I am glad that I am doing more thinking before I act especially when it comes to my blood sugars. That way I give myself time to evaluate what might be going on or if I need to send more insulin in. Thankfully my blood sugars were overall not too bad and thankfully my blood sugars were not bad overnight. So I was actually able to sleep. I know I really need that sleep to avoid bad lows.

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