Monday, November 24, 2014

Some Times Just Ordering is Complicated

Normally I can go online to Express Scripts and Animas and order my supplies. Recently I spent over two weeks emailing Express Scripts because there was no option for me to reoder my insulin. I guess they are hoping I will use Humalog even if I have an allergy to that insulin. I never knew you could get hives and bleed out your infusion sets from a drug allergy but that is what happens for me. So now I am told because I have an exception on file I have to call in and waste a whole bunch of my time talking with Express Scripts now. I was really pissed off because I just wanted to know how I could get my prescription refilled and it took me weeks to accomplish this task. I did mention that I was almost of my Insulin due to length of time I took to get my insulin refilled. The good part is that I ordered that day and it shipped that day overnight to my home thankfully. I know I could call my Dr.'s office if I came close they usually have samples.

The Animas issue has been with trying to order online as well normally I go on put the items in the cart, answer insurance questions, enter credit card and request to bill insurance. Every time I entered in my credit card information the system would error out contact system administrator. So I finally got tired of trying the website and call Animas. I find out that they recently did changes to the website and in the process my card on file lost some of the number and the item I was trying to order was back ordered. So it was those issues that prevented me from ordering. It also had my previous Dr. listed instead of my current Physician . The system also in general was giving most customers issue and most people are having to call in orders. So after all my fiasco's with re-ordering this month I am glad I will have all my supplies ready for my upcoming trip in December. I know sometimes have a chronic illness and dealing with the issues of just trying to get your supplies can really test one's nerves. I was never rude and up set when I talked with the customer service I really just wanted to know that my order was on its way.


  1. I will be starting new insurance on 1/1/15 and I dread figuring out how to order supplies, insulin, etc. My experience is that every program messes it up at first but then it goes smoothly. I have never ordered directly from Animas, but I did read of others having problems.

  2. My Insurance Company has made a great deal of changes for this year and it has been the source of most of my issues. I am hoping your experience is better than mine so far. I am happy though that some items have dropped in cost this year which is helpful.