Friday, November 21, 2014

It was So Much More

I went to receive my Lilly Journey Award at the party my Dr.'s office was throwing last night. I arrived and the room was really full of people. There was 30 25 years medals presented and 12 50 year medals to be presented. I noticed as I walked in the room that by far I was the youngest person receiving a medal in the 25 year category. I guess I was really surprised by this because I have meet quite a few people diagnosed like I was at 18 months old. So I was a little surprised. I had a really delightful time talking with a man and his wife. He was relieving his 50 year medal. They asked how long I had had Diabetes and I told them 34 years. The man says to me their is not way you are even 30 years old but I am in my 30's so it was a very nice compliment.

I meet quite a few people and their was also Dexcom representative, Fifty 50 Diabetic Supplies representative and  Eli Lilly Representatives. I was shocked that Eli Lilly executives were their last night to present the medal to us. I just thought Amy my Physician's Assistant and My Endocrinologist would be the one's presenting the awards. They did a video presentation and then the awards were given. I know when I received my award my I was extremely proud and honored. I was struck with a incredibly deep sadness at the same time. I was thinking of my mother as I was receiving my award and thinking how proud she would be of me today. I know I was able to meet so many patients it was incredible to be in a room full of incredible people who are fight the same disease. I know my head is still spinning after last night from all the interactions.

I went home last night and cried. I was really missing my mother who also was a type 1 if she was still alive she would have meet her 25 year anniversary as well. I know I will always miss her she was such an incredible person who did so much for me and I eternally grateful to have her as my mom. I know I just needed to cry in happiness and sadness last night. I know I will be thinking a great deal about my mother as the holidays approach but I know she was with me last night when I received my medal.


  1. Tarra, that is an awesome medal, and well earned. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Stephen. I was surprised by how nice the medal was. Hard to believe it has been 34 years.