Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reactions From Public

Some days I have to laugh at the reactions I see from Duchess being in stores, malls and airports is quite entertaining.  There is the people who make a huge deal that they are afraid of dogs but they are also coming right up next to her. Then there is the people who bark at Duchess which is quite strange that an adult would bark at a dog. I know I expect that from children but not adults. Then there are the people who are allergic to dogs who ask me to leave the store, but I generally tell them to shop in different aisles from me and Duchess. I always try to be accommodating as possible. There are times though I actually think the people are making things up as a reason I should not be in the store. I do see some people who see her and think that they can do a walk by pet and think it is acceptable.

The one reaction I hate the most is the screaming children who when they see her make it a huge deal. I am not sure why they have that reaction, but people in public tend to make things more difficult for a service dog team when they scream and yell. They tend to draw attention which I know I don't want. Most of the time my goal is to get in and out a place like a normal person would. I know people do not mean to cause issues when I am out shopping or getting things done but making a huge fuss tends to make things more difficult for us. I know Duchess and I am are used to all the fuss, but honestly I would love the opportunity to feel a little more normal. These days life is already stressful enough but having just a little less is always appreciated. When a service dog is around I know it can be exciting and interesting.

I have some tips on how to interact with service dog teams

Avoid asking about disability because that is truly a very personal question and in fact these days I normally do not answer those questions because I have meet quite a few who knowledge is not accurate about Diabetes.

Do not attract attention to service dog teams. The dog is there to assist their handler. Most handlers love to not have attention drawn to them. They are trying to live a normal life.

Do not try to distract a service dog they attention is needed for the tasks they were trained for. Such as kissy noises, barking, screaming, and other loud noises.

Do not pet a service dog without permission. Some dogs like Duchess can become distracted at times and she needs her space to be able to do her job appropriately.

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