Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Discussion in the Grocery Store

Service Dog Stop Sign WORKING - DO NOT PET While Working 3 x 5 inch Black Rim Sew-on Patch 

I was at the grocery store on Sunday shopping and was approached by a woman. She came over to tell me she loved the line on her patch " I don't pet you while you are working". I know she was laughing at how catchy the patch was. I told her that if I can get the general public to think before they pet they might realize that they really need to keep their hands to themselves. I know the woman said she could not understand why people do not follow the instructions. I told her the children are the best at following what the patches say, but the adults are the issue most of the time. She said that did not surprise her. I know she said she wish more people knew that disrupting her does not help her when she is working. I could not agree more. I know the more people that leave her alone the more it allows me to just concentrate on what I am doing and less on what other people are doing. I know so far this patch really seems to be stopping people in their tracks which I am thankful for.

I then was at another store close by that I pick up certain items at which is a larger grocery store chain. A woman at check out commented that Duchess did not seem happy. I told her that a grocery store for her is an obstacle course in a great deal of ways. She has been hit by carts and people bump into her and she has had kids bug her. I know that even for me grocery stores are my lease favorite place to take Duchess because of all the hazards we both can face. Things like dogs paws being stepped on, things falling off the shelves, carts and other issues like wet floors. All these can really make shopping not so much fun. I know I used to not hate shopping at grocery stores the way I do today. I also know that thankfully I am able to limit the trips to the store most of the time which makes us both happier.

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