Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shocking Changes

I know yesterday events are still in my head. I never expected my boss to be laid off yesterday along with a supervisor for another part of Inventory. I know my boss and me have had issues along the way but we always were able to work it out. I just never dreamed that this would happen. I know we added new people to our department recently which I have benefited from greatly so I am happy they did so. I am still in a state of shock and I am not sure how to process two people who have been here much of  the past three years. I know them being laid off has me incredibly concerned with my own job as well. We did have a big meeting for all staff to discuss any questions or concerns but honestly I was so shocked I could barely put together all the questions I had.

I know I felt the stress coming on yesterday and I knew working out would help me to clear my head for at least an hour or two. I know it was cold out but going to the gym was the best decision. I left feeling overall better and a little less like I had an elephant on my back. I am still upset today and I know I was upset because it is the holidays and anyone losing a job right now is not good. Thankfully they told us during the meeting that they will get paid for the next 60 days their normal paychecks while on Administrative Leave. The University will get them first priority in finding a job with in the University with another department. So hopefully they will be able to find employment quickly. I know I am hoping that I will be able to not feel like I am on the way out because people were laid off. The HR said we had too many employee's which means they don't have the budge to pay for all our salaries. I feel blessed to have my job today but I am still concerned. They assured us that the lay offs were done but I am not sure I believe that.

The interesting thing about all the shock my blood sugars really stayed steady and my night time lows were a minimum. So even though I did not sleep much and there is a great deal of changes I have to say at least my Diabetes was not causing more chaos this morning and yesterday. I normally would expect big drops and or big surges up or down. Thankfully my Diabetes was okay. I know working out probably really helped me to keep things more level.

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