Thursday, November 6, 2014

Just Thankful

I know every Diabetes Awareness Month I always struggle in many ways. I know my mom was also a Type 1 Diabetic too so this month is very difficult. When she passed away she was the only Diabetic I knew and I was completely lost. I thankfully was goggling some information about Hypoglycemia Unawareness online when I came across TuDiabetes which really saved me in a great deal of ways. For the first time I meet a large amount of really great Diabetics online and I had a place to vent about all the diabetic stuff I was facing. I was not alone and I had a great place to share what I had learned with others as well. I do not visit TuDiabetes much these days because of my blog and my latest adventures are keeping me incredibly busy.  I know I am thankful for advocates like Manny Hernandez who created TuDiabetes.

Karen , Duches and I at FFL

I am thankful for all the people I have meet since I have started blogging and the friends I have made at conferences. I am blessed to have you all in my life. I know I have learned a great deal from everyone. Life with Diabetes can be so crazy and I know mine always has been. Thank you for listening to my moments of scary and dealing with my crazy skin allergies to my Dexcom giving me issues over the past couple of years. I know I much stronger than I have ever been because I know I am not alone in my fight with Diabetes and that is truly priceless. I know I have had so much fun at this past Friends for Life Conference. I look forward to it every year because I get to see my great friends. I know I wish I could attend more of the conferences but I know I am just thrilled even if I only get to see everyone just once a year.

Kelly Duchess and I  at FFL in July

Thank you to all who have been following me along for all my adventures and triumphs. It has been great being able to share my experiences. Thank you for allowing me to share what I have learned from complications. That has been the hardest thing blog about but I would not change a thing. I know a great friend who shares loss similar to mine had to deal with voice messages and I am proud she was able to get through it. I know dealing with a loss of a parent that has Diabetes can be difficult. I know talking with Kelly at FFL I know she really understood. So nice to meet others who understand.

Duchess Sleeping on Kelly's purse at FFL

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  1. Tarra, I think that you talk for many of us in the DOC when you give thanks for the wonderful people who make up the community. (And also for TuDiabetes!)