Friday, January 4, 2013


                     I have learned over my Christmas vacation which airline I will try to avoid in the future is United Airlines. I try to book a bulk head seat for my flight home and got one but then my flight ended up changing 5 more times. So the last flight I was placed on was a full flight and there were not many seats I could get. The bulkhead seats were taken. I asked the airline for a middle or window seat usually they have more room. Instead the airline put me in an aisle seat. I try to get my seat changed before I boarded the plane but sadly they decided that a lady who wanted to sit next to her husband was more important than Duchess having enough room. So I did my best to make Duchess comfortable but honestly it was hard for her to squeeze into the aisle of the seat. I was not the only service dog team flying that day and neither of us were able to get the bulkhead seating we normally get. Most airlines save the bulkhead for disabled passengers but when I boarded the plane I have a feeling those passengers were not disabled. I felt bad all the way home because Duchess could not move around at all. She was bumping the sides of the bars from the seat above. She was agitated most of the flight and was less than ideal for an almost 4 hour flight. I tried my best to get better seats. I was really hoping that United would be as accommodating as Delta and Southwest had been. My favorite airline to fly with Duchess is Southwest by far because they always give me preboarding and try to seat people not next to me if possible. They go the extra mile where United did nothing but put service dog teams in the smallest seats possible.

                       I posted earlier a complaint for poor treatment from United Airlines. I now have seen first hand why they being investigated for that incident. I wish I could say that I think they would change but I do not think so. Hopefully my next flight will be much better but I'm sure it will because it will be with one of the airlines that has earned by business by getting me more room to make a long flight easier.

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