Friday, January 18, 2013

Occlusion Fun

                    I normally do not get many occlusions but I did last night. I have trouble hearing my pump at night I think I block it out to an extent. I was not surprised to be in the two hundred range blood sugar wise with having an occlusion. I got out of bed to change my IV 3000 because without if my site would only last two or three hours. I changed my infusion set and tubing. I then did a correction and went back to sleep. Honestly I tossed and turned til my alarm was blaring at 5:30am this morning as usual. I am sure the less sleep will catch up with me later today but at least my blood sugar was not crazy high. I have a feeling the pump had been beeping at me for a while. I think I might have to try to pump my pump is something to make it louder so I might wake up. I have had trouble with this for around 3 years now but the funny part is that my Dexcom I hear every time.

Duchess Alerting this morning


  1. Love the pictures! My husband has the same problem with his pump/CGM. I hear it no problem, but he never does. I think he blocks it out. We both sleep through it but usually after a long enough time one of us wakes up

  2. I need the ability to turn it louder at night but none of the pumps have that options. Would be so nice if they did.