Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where I am Currently At

                I am finding that I am pulling myself out of diabetic burn out but it is really day by day. I am still missing on following up on some 2 hour blood sugars but I am getting most of them compared to before. I have not work my dexcom in a couple of weeks but I have been thinking about giving it another try. I think I needed a break from all the being woke up in the middle of the nights and the alarms which drive me crazy. I am working on logging my blood sugars but I am concerned because I have an up coming appointment my new Endocrinologist office. I also had too jump through referrals getting medical records sent before they would even let me schedule an appointment. Going to a new Endocrinologist office being burned out is less than ideal but I needed to make the change. So I really need this up coming appointment to go well because right not I'm not sure I can take another your a bad diabetic because you have so many lows. I am getting there step by step and I feel more optimistic about it but I am not quite there yet.

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