Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Family Drives Me Crazy

                 My trip home recently had some down falls. It was difficult dealing my family's unrealistic expectations of Duchess. An alert dog is not perfect and can miss a low here and there. The funny thing Duchess was doing during the trip is that she was constantly trying to tell others that I was low instead of me. It lead to a bad low the day I was leaving. I know she tried to tell my dad but he thought she wanted attention. I tried to tell them if she is licking them to let me know so I can check. Sure enough they did not listen. I know my dad told me that she is a worthless dog and should not be a service dog. After my low my sister and dad both were like she did not alert you when you were low. Even though they had seen her alert before they blamed her. I know after the low she went to lick my dads hand and he learned to finally tell me. I tested and sure enough I was 120 and moving down. He then proceeded to tell me that it was just a lucky guess and that she is not really able to tell when I was low. I discussed with my father that she can at time like to alert to others when my blood sugars are off. She tends to alert to others especially  at work which is fine with me because they actually have been educated on the signs of her alerts. I am working on a different plan of action for next time im at home. I want her to alert to me first not my family. I was hoping for a smoother trip back home but that did not happen.

                         I trust Duchess but I wish my family gave her a little more credit. They seem to believe that the dogs will never miss a low or high. They are also under the impression that the dogs can never do anything wrong. I wish I could get them to understand that Duchess does quite well and that she has kept me alive but they expect so many things that are just not reasonable. I am not going to even try to explain to them because honestly they never listen to me.

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