Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ugh One of Those Days.

                  Today was a rough start to the day it was a colder morning of 30. I had Duchess in her service dog vest and on top a little dog jacket. She was acting like she was cold so I want her to be as comfortable as possible does she need a jacket most likely not but if it makes her happy I'm fine with it. So I get on the bus as usual. First there is two people who I have never seen ride the bus before and sure enough it lead to issues. The first guy who came over and asked if he could pet Duchess and I said No she is working. The man did listen and said she was a beautiful dog. I was not in the best of moods this morning which did not help things. Then another man comes up and sits down and proceeds to pet Duchess. I pull Duchess towards me and asks that he did not pet Duchess. I did not explain that she was a working dog and I'm sure I came off as rude but honestly I was not in a mood to have to explain things. Some days I am great about doing but I had already had a low this morning and was kind of grumpy because of it. After the guy stops petting her he gets off the bus and says to me I am a nice person. Regardless if you are a nice person or not most people should ask before you pet another person's animal.

                    I am astonished at the fact that the person did not clue into the fact that normally you will not see pets riding the bus usually only a service animal. I will never get why my service dog is supposed to be there for other people's amusement. I will never let my service dog to be pet by the general public because she needs to focus on her job. She is a beautiful dog who is full of personality and I'm sure she would be fun to play with but I wish people would really understand I am not being mean just trying to keep Duchess focused.

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