Monday, January 28, 2013

Lessons relearned

                          Saturday started out like a fairly normal day for me. I got up and had plans to meet a good friend for a birthday lunch. I had been looking forward to seeing her again it had been a while since we had been able to get together. Duchess absolutely adores my friend and she like her as well. So we had lunch and as usual when I went out I had a salad because it was the gluten free menu and I was okay with the salad choice. I brought a granola bar to eat because the salad dressing were the only carbs I was in-taking for lunch. I like to have some Kind bars on hand for such an occasion. I ate my salad and felt full so I decided to not eat the Kind bar. I have on occasion skipped lunch and felt it would be fine. I had breakfast that morning so I was very comfortable with my choice. So after lunch and shopping I headed home and then my pump site went bad so I changed it out. I started getting hungry and it was around dinner time so I decide I need to heat up some left over chili for dinner. I am in the kitchen and heating it up when my legs gave out from under me. I hit the floor and then my roommate heard me came to the kitchen and helped me to the couch and let me rest. He got me a glass of juice. I know Duchess had alerted before I went to the kitchen I really wish I had listened to her instead of ignoring her and went to go heat up some food.

                          I am not sure why I ignored her when she has never been wrong in her alerts. I have a feeling that my blood sugar dropped very quickly so I am sure that my thought process was very cloudy. When my blood sugars gets low quickly I get into a thick fog of sorts that I am so out of it. I know Duchess had went into my roommates bedroom before it happened to let them know but they were not sure what she wanted. I really struggle at times to do things such as test or treat lows when I am in the foggy thought processes most of the time I figure it out but it can take a while. I know this weekend was another good example of why I need to never ignore Duchess's alerts because honestly it is one of the few things these days that keeps me safe.


  1. Oh sheesh - I'm sorry. I think it's really hard to do everything right when going low because our brains just don't work right!

  2. Yeah that foggy feeling seems to get me every time.