Friday, January 25, 2013

Rough Month So Far

                   It has been an interesting start to the new year so far. I am really making some big changes in my life from changing Endocrinologist, looking for a new job, changing Duchess alert for lows or highs and personal changes. I have found that January has been a terribly difficult month so far with having such a tough visit back home In December. Normally I come back from my time off with much more patience than this time around. I am planing not to visit home anytime soon because I am much more relaxed where I live or I just might make a much shorter trip. I know my family loves me but since they have forgotten how difficult things can be I find that I need to have more space, because they get angry if I'm too low or too high. I do my best to handle my diabetes but life has changed so much from over 4 years ago before I had hypoglycemia unawareness. I don't need my family sympathy just a little understand would go a long way. I also wish they could see how amazing Duchess is but I know that will never happen. So I am taking what I have learned and moving forward. I am hoping all these changes to come will help makes things easier in the long run.

This is my only picture of Duchess using a Bringsel to alert but her eye's look very devilish.



  1. "mad at you for being high or low"??? I cannot even think or speak after reading that..........

  2. It is beyond frustrating. Thank goodness my brother is more supportive but my dad and sister have forgotten what it is like for me.