Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Goal

                 Since I now have a new Endocrinologist I can start to work on some new things this year. In particular growing up I was always told I was bad if I had a high or a low and that really makes life difficult. We all know that is unrealistic because you could eat the same lunch everyday and get different results. I am trying to work on being nicer to myself when I am high or low. I get very upset and can rage bolus from time to time. I am trying to relax and be kinder to myself we are all human and can make mistakes. I know I am usually pretty good when it come to carbohydrate counting but even with that you can easily underestimate or overestimate so easily. I know I get angry or grumpy as it is when I am low and I need to realize that I have struggled the my whole time as a diabetic which big extremely quick drops. I don't think there is always a way to avoid them but I am always trying. I am also working on finding ways to not feel so guilty if I have a high or low and move on from it. I know realistically that it is bad when you weeks of highs or low and that most of the time that is not the case and I need to be more forgiving with myself. I work very hard to control my diabetes and need to find ways to continually reward myself for all the hard work. I know the new Dr. never said one word about missing a couple of 2 hour post meals but instead was like thank you for testing so much. It was nice to feel like someone noticed all the work I put into it. I am hoping to learn what I should of years ago. My blood sugars should have no reflection to who I am as a person but should be that I am person who tries. At the end of the day diabetes will never be easy but I will never put up with a Dr. who calls their patients bad because they have too many lows or highs instead of looking to how they can help the patient improve.


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