Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update on Steps for Being Burned Out

           I have been working on getting myself out of the black whole I call being burnt out. Some days are easier than others. I finally have gotten things better with my Dexcom but my pump site issues still frustrate immensely. I know the steps I have been following seem to be helping but honestly even with the steps it can be a struggle. I am taking things one day at a time and going from there which makes things seem less daunting. I also know the me being burnt out can also affect Duchess as well. If I am not testing when she alerts that could cause her to not alert so I am careful not to disturb Duchess's alerting patterns. She has been doing well even if I am struggling to handle all the issues that have been going on.

           The extra special part that Duchess provides is an extra push to do what I need to do which is helping me. I also know that her being my best friend she helps me just being who she is. She has kept me more up beat during this burn out than some of the one's in the past. I do have to say making my list of things I am going to do have helped immensely and having such supportive friends in the diabetic community. Duchess is so dedicated to her job it is inspiring and a good reminder to me that I need to try and have the same focus even when things get tough. I am sure I will get back on track soon but until then at least I have a plan.

Step to help with being burned out:

1. Changing Dr.'s to one that will be more supportive.

2. Reward such as doing something fun or a massage if I test two hours after meals, log entries for the week, download pump and CGM data and review for patterns.

3. Using a journal to work through my feelings so I can move on from the frustration and negativity I am currently feeling.

4. Making sure I have time every evening to get my supplies packed for the next day, double check if anything needs to be changed out or updated. That way I start each day off right not running around trying to get everything together before I leave for work.

5. Spend some downtime every night to just relax I know when I feel burned out I just need time.


  1. Have you ever tried organizational binders or calendars? I use both. I have a dry erase calendar in the kitchen with my husband's site changes scheduled on it. (He is no longer able to do them himself due to complications) so i have to be sure i am home and aware of the schedule. The dry erase calendar helps tons! I also have binders with our schedule, household info, and a medical binder with all his appointments, meds, prescriptions etc. Its all in one place and it helps my mind to know everything is organized so i can spend less time thinking about what i might be forgetting. Just an idea :)

  2. I do currently track my infusion sites but I am going through my sites sometimes in hours. So my issues have been sites and insulin related. I do have folders of paper work and such to make things easier.