Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are you Blind?

                         I had an interesting experience this weekend while I was leaving the grocery store. I had rented a red box movie and was returning it. I get approached by the woman who asks if I am blind which is quite funny because as I am talking with her I am inserting the movie in the return slot of the red box movie station. Then she asks since I am not blind what does she do. I told her she was a medical alert dog. So she asks again and your not blind no I have medical issues. This really seemed to puzzle the woman for a couple of minutes and she was so surprised that I could take Duchess in the store with me because of a medical condition. I mentioned that there is many disorders that are are hidden disabilities and I have one. I know she asked what my condition was but I knew it create a very long conversation and I needed to finish grocery shopping at the store. So I told her that I did not have time to discuss my personal health issues and had to go. Sometimes ignorance is bliss for some people but I have never quite had such a puzzled look from another person. I am sure she had a ton of questions but I find it funny because the woman had a sight issue herself. I am not quite sure what to think but all I know is that these crazy encounters are part of my life anytime I have Duchess with me. Who knows what I will encounter next but I honestly have to laugh at these encounters sometimes. I think laughter about diabetes and having a service dog is a great thing.


  1. Hey, what kind of dog is that? Does she have any Weimeraner in her? I love her!

  2. She is a Labrador and Golden Retriever mix actually. I know every one thinks she is a weimeraner.

  3. Wow - some people have no regard for your privacy... Always makes me shake my head in amazement.

  4. Yeah these days it is hard to have privacy at times.

  5. I got told at the disability office that I could not qualify because I was not in a wheel chair. I really was shocked they had never heard of hidden disabilities.

    1. I have found in general if your disability is no obvious then you don't have anything wrong according to many people which is not the case.