Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Steps to Recover from Being Burnt Out

            Since I have been feeling burnt out I need to get things back to a better place again. So I am taking it one day at a time or basically one test at a time. I did really well yesterday I did make every two hour after meal test again. I am in no way excited or really want to do anything at this point but I know I need to get back up on the horse regardless to how I feel. I have been feeling like a complete diabetic failure for months now and I feel better saying. Hopefully I can move on from this feeling. Below is a list of things I am going to try and see if they can help me get back on track. I know I need a plan and this is what I decided it would be this time. I know I can do well for a couple of days then go back to slacking. So I know I will need plenty of incentive usually to get me back on track. I know it takes around 21 days to make things a habit on average. So I know I will be spending quite a bit of time doing the steps below.

1. Changing Dr.'s to one that will be more supportive.

2. Reward such as doing something fun or a massage if I test two hours after meals, log entries for the week, download pump and CGM data and review for patterns.

3. Using a journal to work through my feelings so I can move on from the frustration and negativity I am currently feeling.

4. Making sure I have time every evening to get my supplies packed for the next day, double check if anything needs to be changed out or updated. That way I start each day off right not running around trying to get everything together before I leave for work.

5. Spend some downtime every night to just relax I know when I feel burned out I just need time.



  1. Looks like a great list. Keep plugging away at it, and I'm sure you'll get there.

  2. Thanks Scott. I find if I write about and say I am going to do it. If I make myself accountable I tend to follow through.