Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Alert is Better than I Expected

                    I have been so pleased with Duchess and her progress with switching to her new alert with the Bringsel. She is alerting on her own by bringing me the Bringsel and it seems to be working great. In fact she seems much more enthusiastic about her job in general. She is alerting earlier which is wonderful. I know she was seeming burnt out to an extent but now she is back to alerting much sooner and with so much more exuberance. She in fact this week was showing them her new alert. She went desk to desk showing them her new alert. I need all the staff and manager to know anytime I change my alerts so they know what signals to look for if something is wrong. She has went to them before seizures at work which is what I need her to do. She continually amazes me at how fast she learns. She loves to learn new tricks or tasks. I am needing to come up with some new things to teach her soon to keep her mind active and alert.

Duchess with her Bringsel on her new Kuranda Dog cot at work.


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