Friday, January 11, 2013

Frustrations over My Dexcom

                    Yesterday was a tough day of fighting with my Dexcom. I had my other sensor which was due to be changed. So I pull it off and proceed to get a new sensor out. The trouble I have had it that I cannot get my transmitter to snap into place. It took me around 30 minutes before I finally got the sensor to snap in place. I proceeded to start the new sensor and made it to where I enter my two start up blood sugars as I normally would. So I enter my blood sugars and less than a minute later failed sensor please replace. So I pulled the sensor and the wire was in place as it should of been the sensor was snapped in place and my site was not red or any sign of an issue. I had used alcohol to clean the transmitter before snapping it in so I have no idea why it failed but I am sure that having issues did not help anything. I was at work so I only had one sensor on hand so I waited til I got home.

                      I got out another sensor and I get the Dexcom inserted as usual. Then it comes time to snap in the transmitter. Again the arms of the snaps are so stiff they won't latch onto the transmitter. I try and try til my hands hurt from trying to snap the transmitter onto the sensor. I tried for 45 minutes. I think they sent me a batch of bad sensors. The first sensor had a broken transmitter latch but I was able to get the sensor to last a week which is good. I also have not seen any improvement in the reliability of the sensors in fact the Dexcom seven was closer onto my blood sugars than the G4 has been so far but mabey I will see the better sensors reliability the longer I use it. Dexcom has been very responsive when I have called about the sensor issues but I honestly am frustrated because I have went through two sensors in one day and I only have one left but I fear I will have the same issues with snapping the transmitter in. I have never had such issues until this batch of Dexcom sensors.

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