Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Basket on the FLoor

              I have had on occasions over the past 4 years to where I needed to access glucose or treatments for a low. I tend for some reason while sleeping if I am low I tend to end up on the floor and I never remember what happens so I have little explanation as to why I am on the floor. One time 4 years ago I was by myself that night and I awoke on the floor and could not reach my glucose tabs or skittles they were on my nightstand next to the bed. I did not have enough energy to pull myself back up on the bed for a while so I had to wait til I could, which is dangerous. I know it sounds funny but I have a basket by my bed on floor with skittle, glucose tabs, and test kit. I have found this to be of use if I do fall down off the bed. I have Duchess trained to get my test kit and tabs if I can't reach them and she had done so well doing that for me. I just feel so much safer having them on the floor because I can wait for my blood sugar to go up before I try to get back on my bed.

                It feel so strange to say that is what I do but it makes me feel safer and the basket is a place Duchess always knows where the items I need are so it works well for both of us. I have had some times where my Dexcom said I was 103 but I was actually 30. Most of the time it is close but there is times my blood sugars moves so quickly there is now way it would register the change. I am so glad Duchess is her to help me during times like those because honestly with limited brain function things can be very complicated. In fact my skittle are not in the bags but in a plastic baggy because I find it easier to open when I'm low. I also make sure all the wrappers and seals are removed in case I am low and would have trouble opening. The funny thing is that some people can open things easily others are like me. Another example of the gray of diabetes and how it affects us all differently.

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