Friday, April 10, 2015

Feeling More Motivated

I know recently back last month I was staring to give into my urge to skip going to the gym. I know I shouldn't because I have seen the benefits of going. Such as I now have less lows in general except for at night that is a constant battle. I also have noticed that I tend to have less upward arrows and less downward arrows on my CGM which is great. I also have noticed that I am less stressed and I tend to notice my lows sooner as well. I don't feel my lows but I at time notice changes when I am exercise which are at least a clue that something is off. I know it has been almost a year of working out at the gym. I know I was feeling really bored and not motivates as I have been. I know that I no longer have as many issues with waking up in the mornings and overall I have had less scary events so I know I need to continue to keep working out.

I know after my recent sky diving experience I am all of a sudden back to working out with a renewed vigor. I know I really loved my experience but that first Monday after my jump I was working out at a much faster pace and I have continued to do so continually. I guess it really was time time for an adrenaline rush. I know that after I have been pushing myself to do more and try new things which has given me the incentive to keep on going. I know I have been working out at least 5 days a week sometimes more which is great. I was going down to three or four days a week for a while and I know I needed to be doing at least five days a week. I tend to keep things a little more regulated if I work out more often.

I know I really enjoy less lows and also less need for assistance with lows but keeping up with the workout at times can be challenging. Most of the time I am very disciplined about keeping up with my workouts but when I get sick that always seems to throw me off track. Thankfully Duchess helps me in ways I never expected. Normally she is one who love a routine such as going to the gym because she is used to going on a regular basis. I have to say I also feel much better when I do get the workout done.


  1. Motivation is my big exercise problem too. I'm glad that your sky diving adventure helped to kick start your motivation!!

    1. It can be difficult working a long day, an hour commute and then having to go to the gym. Thankfully I got some motivation to get back to my normal routine. I was really getting so used to making up excuses such as I am tired etc. I think all of us struggle with this to an extent.