Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What I Wish They Knew

I know at times I have struggled a great deal with my disability at work. Most of the issues were created by people working in the same building who had issue with Duchess having dog bones because they felt it was not professional. Other complaints she had fleas but when they tested by leaving out traps to catch fleas they found none. Then there was the complaint that Duchess had too many toys and her dog crate took up too much room. I know all these issues came from other departments. I know I fought my hardest to have to put up a wall on my cubicle but now I honestly love having it. The reason is because it gives Duchess a quieter space to play and rest while at work. I know Duchess does not have an easy job she is constantly working.

I know the wall keeps people out of my cubicle and also creates less people from seeing Duchess and I which is nice because I am not constantly being interrupted liked I used to be. I also know that if an emergency happens the wall keeps crowds from forming around me. I know it has created a better work environment for both of us. I also know that all of the issues comes from people who have nothing better to do than complain and whine about Duchess because they believe I get special accommodations. The truth is that I currently have no real accommodations currently. I actually get the same amount of work and more normally. So I find it funny how people think because I have a disability that I do not contribute as much.

The truth is that most disabled workers miss less days of work and they also tend to do more work than the average healthy workers. So I find it interesting how people make it even more difficult for me at work by complaining. Thankfully my new manager does not take the complaints at face value and actually looks into to see if it is an issue. Thankfully every claim has turned out to be false and not true.

So after the past three years I really would hope that people would understand I work hard to be here everyday and that I contribute a great deal regardless of my challenges but I really wish people would leave me alone. I know these days you would not think others in the same office would cause you so many issues. I know from dealing with the general public I have not been treated with much respect and the same for my office. I just wish people understood I do not get anythings special such as discounts etc and I don't enjoy taking my dog everywhere.

I find the hardest part of my life is taking Duchess with me because the public access issues and fake service dogs. I face a great deal of challenges and others see it as fun but I have to say the past five years I have faced a great deal of obstacles and challenges just to have Duchess with me. I am thankful that I can have her but I want people to understand it is not fun. It just gives me the freedom I had lost. I know people think my life is very simple because I have Duchess but it actually is a great deal of work in actuality.