Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Emergency Training for Co-workers

I did an emergency training at work yesterday and  a refresher for some people. Most of the people who attended were new to the department. I always feel weird discussing my condition but I am glad I do it is for my own safety. I even used expired glucagon kits so they would know what to do during an emergency. I know some people learn by doing so that worked well. I only had three kits sadly and I could of used more but everyone was able to at least learn what to do. I find the more information they have the better they will be able to assist me in case of an emergency.

I know no matter how many of these I teach I will always feel slightly embarrassed I have to teach it in the first place I also fee very vulnerable when I do teach it because I reveal so much about how I behave when I am low and some of my responses. I know I always feel weird that I resemble that of a two year old in a great deal of ways when I am low.  I do try my best to not get carried away with things when I am low but that can be difficult. I know I have found that even with time I still find emergency situations to be really hard to handle emotionally and I find not matter how prepared people are that they will be affected by what did happen.

I know I am hoping that my new coworkers appreciate my willingness to educate and train but I have a feeling they just don't understand what it can be like to wake up to EMS. I know it has helped me in the past but sometimes honestly being a Diabetic in general really can be complicated. I know this time my Department is approaching the Police Chief for my University to address the past issue I have had. Most of the time the University Police tend to amp up the situations by being present. They create issues such as Duchess being transported with me to hospital etc. I know I don't want to be separated from her and that they should be transporting us together. She is very essential to me and my care. So having the University Police let me make those decisions instead of them trying to interfere. Most of the time EMS has been prepared to transport us but they always try to stop them.

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