Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Decreasing Accuracy

I know most days I love my Dexcom but recently it is driving me nuts. Most of the time like last night it shows I was in the 200's but I was actually in the 120 range which is great. I had a low and treated like I normally would but my Dexcom tends be exaggerating my number around 60-80 points off. I know it does not seem to matter where I have my Dexcom place my arm, leg or stomach none of them are remotely accurate. I know my Dexcom tends to think I am low way before I am actually going to be low or really high when I never actually get to high. I know during workouts it take on average 20 to 30 minutes after working out to realize that I was low at all.

I know if I don't bolus for food my Dexcom tends to think I am moving up extremely fast several arrows up when I am actually moving up slowly. I know my Dr. uses this information to make changes but I feel like most of the data is not useful because it has been so off for the past three months. I know I was hoping that my Dr. does not want to make any changes off the data because I am finding that it mostly useless data at this point. I do plan on discussing this with my Dr. before she makes recommendations for changes. Normally my results are better but I also know I can only use my stomach for brief periods of time and so I rotate spots. I know  I normally do stomach, arms and legs depending upon which one has the most accurate spots but this time none of them seem accuarate.

I know I will never have it to where it will be spot on to what my blood sugar actually is but at times it would be so nice if it was actually much closer to my true blood sugars. I know I like to use it to make better decisions but I am finding recently that might cause issues instead of being helpful. I do put in the correct numbers but most of the time my Dexcom like to go back to the number it thinks it is at so I play the game of reentering at times.

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