Friday, April 24, 2015

When People Tempt

I know last night I was in a really focused place and my plan was to get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible. I knew I had phone calls and other things to get done. So I went as normal and I started my workout and Duchess was right beside my machine. The machines are very close together and so it is difficult to find a place for Duchess most of the time. I had a woman come sit next to me. She started to work out too. I then noticed she was waving at Duchess. The lady then convinced Duchess to come to her. So Duchess was sitting there letting the lady pet her and I am trying from my machine to get her to come back to where she was sitting previously.

Duchess was enjoying the attention so she ignored me. I had to stop working out get Duchess back to sitting next to me. I talked with Duchess for a moment to get her focused back on me. I worry the most about lows when I am working out and the past three weeks have been rough time for me with lows while working out. So I feel the most vulnerable when I am working out. I then started back to focusing on working out again. Then the girl starts up again. This time I stop and tell her to leave my service dog alone she is her for my medical needs and she needs to focus on me. The girl then stops waving at Duchess but continues to make eye contact continually with Duchess. I noticed this seemed to make Duchess distracted. I would have moved but I did not see an open machine that was the same type.

So I decided to stay where I was at. I had another 25 minutes more I needed to work out on this machine then I would be moving onto another machine. So I was just trying to get my workout done so I could concentrate on other things. I was really upset to stop and go three or four times it does not make for a good workout . I know at times people really make things more difficult. I know Duchess ideally should have not been tempted to go to the woman either but I also know this woman was bound and determined to get Duchess to come to her. I really wish people would realize I don't have her there for companionship but because I have a medical issue. I know life presents all these challenges for us as service dog team sadly we didn't do as well we normally would.

Duchess on the Bus Yesterday

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