Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gym and The Distractions

They gym recently has become incredibly distracting for Duchess. It seems the first of the year people who joined most of them do not show up any more so it has thinned out. I also noticed a whole bunch of new people who have joined and most of these people are trying to get Duchess attention while I am trying to work out or they are trying to start discussion about her when I have my headphones on. I don't like to talk when I was at the gym. I know my blood sugar was also only 100 when I started which is lower than I like. Then I had to stop working out so the guy would stop with the questions. He wanted permission to pet Duchess when her vest does say my response which is no. I need Duchess very focused on my blood sugars during my working out. For example last night my CGM said 125 but I was actually 70. Then 20 minutes later it finally said I was 79. So my Dexcom does not do a good job of catching lows when I am exercising.

Duchess is my best asset when I am working out the good part of spending the past year working out I am now learning signs that I tend to notice when my blood sugar is dropping. I know with all the new people at the gym leaves me in a more vulnerable place. I know normally Duchess is not distracted but last night there was two people on both sides of me trying to distract her and they were succeeding in some ways. I know Duchess kept moving around and seemed to wander a bit away from me which I did not like. I know normally she is very focused but yesterday night I know it was difficult for her but thankfully she did alert me to my low regardless. I know the distractions made me stop in the middle of my workout twice which annoyed me greatly. I know I wish they read the patched because that is my answer. I know I wish I didn't have to depend on her so much but I really do.


  1. It gets frustrating! I my dog and I go to a fantastic gym where all of the employees are fantastic about him, but it becomes troublesome when it is the other members! And although I enjoy speaking about what my dogs are working and doing, but I don't want to have a HUGE conversation about the dogs while I AM WORKING OUT! :)

    1. I was pretty upset because I had to stop twice and then start again. Sad part I was just getting into a great rhythm when I was interrupted. I don't always get much time for just me each day and the one thing I do is work out.