Thursday, April 16, 2015

Invisible Disabilities and Conditions

I know at times people seem unable to believe that I have a disability or any health issue because it is not visible. I know unless you notice my pump you probably have not idea I have any health issues. I know my Dexcom sensor is out in the open some of the time as well. I know people see it and give me the weirdest looks most of the time I think it is funny because it does not bother me in the slightest. I know each day I face a great deal of unwanted comments and assumptions which really can make my life more difficult. I have to wake up each morning wondering if I did more would I be here today. I have to admit I still struggle with it frequently but I find the sting form ignorant comments can really burn even worse.

I am not really sure what people get out of telling perfect strangers that they think badly of them. I know I have been told if you tested more and followed orders you would not be here today but sadly Diabetes does not equal easy to handle. I know the average person I have meet say you test you take insulin and its easy but I tell start to tell them about all the things that can cause the bloods sugars to move up and down. They seem then to realize the more I explain that it is not easy. I know I wish it was test, count carbs and that was it but it is always so much more.

I meet a lady on the bus today who was struggling with a neurological disorder that is a little more rare so most people are not familiar with it. I know she was discussing how because people are unable to see it they believe there is no issue. I know I have found that to be true. I know some people seem to think that you poke yourself with a needle frequently it won't hurt but that is not true either. So I know that it can be difficult for any invisible condition. I know you tend to get less understanding and less compassion from others in general. Getting accommodations at work for invisible disabilities is tough. I remember back to my first seizure at work that until that happened they doubted my need for Duchess. It was not until she alerted to my coworkers did they really understand why I had her in the first place.

I know I see too much assumptions and not enough questions from people. These assumptions tend to lead to negative views of a person that are unfair and unwarranted. I know most of the time my life is crazy enough without the harsh comments and mis-information which lead to negative comments. Most of the time these days I won't tell people I am even Diabetic or what my health issue is. I know it gives me less of the negative comments which I honestly like but its sad I find that I can't share more information.

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