Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bad Start But Great End of Day

I know yesterday was a rough day with lows. I know I was on my way home and I was trying to decide if it was better to stay home and rest or go to the gym. So I actually went to the gym to work out as normal. I did not actually have a low while working out which was great and I actually stayed very level the rest of the night. I did have two people who approached me about petting Duchess but after the rough day I really needed her to focus on me while I am working out. I know for the average person they probably have no idea how fast my blood sugars can drop and how dangerous things can be come. So I was very polite when I told them that she was working and that it would distract her from her job. I know these two people just joined the gym and I am sure had no idea she was a service dog. So I spent yesterday education others while trying to exercise at the same time.

Then just as I was in my last two minutes on the last machine I was using a woman comes running up and put her hand out. Thankfully I was able to get her to stop before she started to pet her. I know how exciting it can be when they are their but I also know that I need her focused. Duchess thankfully watched me closely last night and really stayed focus even though the general public was making that even more difficult for her. I have to say I don't usually mind questions but when I am working out I like to focus on the exercise. I tend to be an overly focused person at times and especially when I am working out. I do listen to music but normally my goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible with as little lows as possible. So I know I like to just work out without interruptions if possible. If my friends were at the gym I wouldn't mind chatting.

The best part of the last night is that I had one low but I did temp basal which left me in the 150's the rest of the night which I was fine with after yesterday. So far today is much better and I feel better that I did go to the gym. I know working out has become such a big part of my routine that I find it difficult to miss going to the gym except when I am sick. So I was relieved that I was able to get what I needed done and today my blood sugars are really mellow so I am guessing that the exercise did some good in helping me to get back on track.

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