Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Endocrinologist Appointment I Am Uneasy About

I know I have an up coming Endocrinologist appointment. I am not at all concerned this time in many ways I feel like my A1c is most likely in its normal range and I know that everything has been fairly decent blood sugar wise. I could still go up in my A1c and still be in the range I want to be so I am comfortable with where I am at.

 I know I am prepping my list of items I need refills for and I am also getting my questions written down. I also have some recent changes I made and wanted the Dr.'s in put on some other changes I was thinking of making. I normally make the correct decisions but I like to bounce ideas off the Dr. which does help at times. I do almost all of the basal rate changes and occasionally the Dr. will make some minor changes. Most of the time I am on top of these changes. I know my Diabetes does not wait till I get to the Dr.'s office most of the time I need to do evaluations of where I am pretty frequently.

I am nervous in a great deal of ways because I am asking the Dr. about moving forward with the accelerated free fall for skydiving. I know my Dr.'s seems to believe I can still do anything any other Diabetic can so I am just not sure what the response will be. The good part is that I have jumped the one time with a plan of my own on how to prepare for the day. I know with Hypoglycemia Unawareness I need to have a plan of action for some things and I know I have a plan for work such as when I eat and when I snack. I know I can sky dive safely but having a plan its what seemed to work well especially since most of the jumps had long waits. Mind you I do have my graphs of the day already printed out ready to review them with the Dr.. I want to make sure I show them that I can do it safely.

I know I am incredibly stubborn and I know as a kid when I was told no at times I would do just that. I know I spent a great deal of my life being told Diabetics can't do this or do that. I know that I can so regardless of the advice of my Dr. I most likely will still jump. I feel like in some ways my Dr. has been more supportive than my family. I know my family doesn't seem to  hear as much as about all the Diabetics driving race cars, play pro-football and other sports. So they live by what they were told when I was diagnosed back in 1980. I know as of today I plan on living my life on my terms and not others misinformation. It has been long enough and I as an adult feel like I can make these decisions.

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