Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sleep Issues Equals Challenges

I know normally on the days I exercise I tend to fall asleep very quickly and I am out. I know I have a phone call in the evening where I was discussing things with a person and then they say something that was unexpected and then all of sudden had to get off the phone. The message was not terrible or anything but being it was later in the evening it kept me up last night when I should have been sleeping. I know since I did not sleep as well last night that my blood sugars would be tough to deal with so far today. I know that when I don't sleep also means more lows I might battle today. So far I have been trying to keep the lows at bay but I seem to not be wining.

I also tend to have my blood sugars move up quickly when I do not sleep well. So it is amazing how much a simple thing such as sleep can really not only affect your mood but also your blood sugars. I know that it does have its effects but I also know that you can't prevent everything. So I know I just have to hang in there. I know I had issues with my blood sugars dropping very quickly yesterday during my work out so I know today I will need to especially be careful to try and have my blood sugar at high enough rate before I start my work out tonight.

I know the past couple of days have been rough at work with people being out sick and I am the only person in covering numerous items on my own. So I guess I will have to hang in there until tomorrow when hopefully things will be back tomorrow. I know I have my Endocrinologist appointment tomorrow which thankfully I am not at all nervous about it so I know I should sleep well. 

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