Monday, April 20, 2015

Duchess's Day

I decided on Saturday afternoon that I was going to make Sunday a Duchess day. Keep in mind their was some things I needed to get done one Sunday but most of the day I was planning on spending the day doing things that Duchess likes. For example the weather was not great Saturday so we went for a 2 mile walk on Sunday along what we call Town lake. It is right along the water and you can see people paddle boarding,canoeing and other water activities. It is right near downtown and really a fun place to take your dog for a walk. There is people running, walking, bike riding and other activities. I know Duchess really loves walks so that was how we started the day. Then we played ball in the sunny backyard and she played in the front yard as I was doing things outside the house.

Duchess loves to be outdoors and her favorite activity will always be to play ball. She will play for hours. After all the walking and ball playing then I gave her some fruit and veggies to eat. I have been adding vegetables an fruit to Duchess food for several years now per the guidance of Canine Behaviorist. The Canine Behaviorist actually study dog nutrition and have more knowledge than most vets. They tend to also have guidance because Duchess is working during the day she needs more vegetables and fruit to be added to her diet. The nice part of adding this and yogurt to her meals is that it does not cause weight gain and her coat tends to shine really nicely since adding these to her


So after all the running around and some playing in the water Duchess was really getting worn out but was extremely happy. I know I do always try to make sure Duchess is getting what she needs from me and yesterday was a very fun day for both of us. I know Duchess is already alerted last night even though she was technically  in her off time. I know yesterday she also was given treats for behaving so well and also when I was finishing up some chores I gave her a new bone to chew on. I know Duchess was incredibly happy yesterday and I was happy to see it. I know we spend so much time together so I try to make sure I don't forget about all her hard work. She has kept me safe for quite a few years and spending the day doing things she enjoyed really made her happy.


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