Monday, April 6, 2015

Distractions and The Bad Pump Site

I know normally I tend to figure it out quickly if I do have a bad pump site but this past weekend I was in a very full theater seeing a movie with friends. There was a great deal of distractions and noise. I was trying to enjoy my friends company but I then noticed my CGM had a side arrow aiming up. So I bolused. I checked 20 minutes later still going up.

So I decided to test to see if a little more insulin would help. I bolused a small amount. I check back in 20 minutes and still moving up and quickly now one arrow straight up. I had not eaten anything in the past two hours so I was surprised to see the up arrow. I decided to inject a unit to see if my site was bad. Sure enough nothing happened. So I pull out my site injected a correction and sure enough it started to come back down slowly. I ended up spending most of the movie checking my Animas vibe frequently to make sure that I was actually coming down. I was able to enjoy my movie but I felt quite irritated that I was constantly checking.

I know the past couple of weeks I have a big issues when I see a higher blood sugar. I am not handling it well and it is making me feel a little defeated even though I know it will happen. I know you can't control your diabetes but only manage it. So I was doing my best on Saturday but I know that I can't make my diabetes wait till the end of the movie. I also know I can't make it wait till I want to deal with it.

It seems like my diabetes always has a way of popping up when it wants and making things more complicated. The good part is that my bolus was correct for the correction and I ended up not being low and bouncing back up. So even though it was a disruption at least I did figure it out. I know normally I am better about making decisions to pull my infusion set but with all the distractions it was a little more difficult. I normally catch on sooner but I know this time it seemed to elude me. I know Duchess did alert during the process as well and see alerted me to the change before my Dexcom even started to alarm. So that did help me to at least know I needed to keep monitoring my blood sugars.

Thankfully my friends are used to seeing my monitor my blood sugars but one friend did notice my irritation with why it was going up. I know they all seemed to be understanding that I need to monitor it so my blood sugars would not soar upward. I know I did not want my diabetes to be a factor but at times it will be. Regardless if I want things to be ore not my diabetes sadly does not disappear because I am wanting to watch a movie with friends.

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