Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Little Changes

I know recently I have been trying to do things differently. I know Duchess works so much and I want to make sure that I am doing enough for her. I know I do have two play times during the work day which she looks forward to each day. In fact she gets so excited because she know around what time we will be going outside to play ball. Duchess love playing ball and will do it for hours if I let her. She loves it like any lab would. I know with her love of play that making time for it really has made her seem to be more enthusiastic about going to work. The office for a service dog is incredibly boring and serious.  So I know making things more fun can be difficult. I know she already gets treats and quite toys for at work. I try to change up what treats she does have at work to keep in interesting.

I know our partnership has really changed over the past couple of years. I know she has been more cuddly and tends to be happier with several recent changes. Most of the changed I made our because I have spent almost the last year going to the gym after work which means she gets less down time in some ways. So I am trying to work on making other aspects more fun for Duchess so I get the time I need at the gym and Duchess gets what she needs from me. Keeping thing balanced has not always been easy but thankfully Duchess is pretty flexible. I know she now seems really to like going to the gym most nights but other times I can tell she is not that excited. I do try to give her more opportunity to earn extra treats while we are at the gym as well.

I know it is hard to believe next month I have been working out with higher intensity exercise for a year. I didn't doubt I would make it but it really has been challenging. I know needed Duchess to make it though the adjustment period of time where I was still working on reducing lows while exercising which is not easy but I have so much better at handling it as it comes. I know Duchess has really stepped and up can alert very early at times but most important normally catches the lows even with all the distractions. So I know I have enjoyed the new adjustments and have seen Duchess much happier. I am always working on ways to make both our lives easier.

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