Thursday, April 30, 2015

Great Endocrinologist Appointment

I went for my regular 3 month Endocrinologist check up today. I was not sure how the would react to my decision to want to pursue doing the Accelerate Free Falling which is basically solo sky diving. I know I was surprised but my Physicians assistant had sky diving several years back. So she said she under stood why I wanted to pursue it. She said I was a responsible adult who takes the time to do all the necessary preplanning to keep myself safe and said have fun. I am so happy she understands that I am an adrenaline junkie who just found my next adventure. I have always wanted my Diabetes to never stop but in the past couple of years at times it has. I am no longer allowing it to slow me down or stop me. I know I am so excited that I will continue on my adventures with Sky diving. For the first time in several years I have not been this happy.

I think that is why I had the bucket list I created years ago really made me happy. I love to experience new things and I do plan on do more with my best friend this summer. I knew I needed to do more for myself these days. I tend to do more for others and forget I need to do things I love as well. So I am making it a point since I work so hard with my Diabetes I should be able to enjoy my life the way that means the most to me. I know I have learned so much over the past couple of year and I work really hard and I am going to enjoy my life as much as possible and continue to push myself to continue to try new adventures.

I was so happy all my levels include A1c were where they were supposed to be and no vitamin deficiencies as well. It looks like all my other aspects looks great and my Dr. even commented about how much weight I have lost by exercise. I know I am so happy all my work is really paying off. I am hoping my next appointment in July is the same as this one. I know it feels so wonderful when you can see all your hard work paying off.

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