Friday, April 3, 2015

Funny Noises at The Right Moment

I know at work there has been constant changes and some really great things as well. With all these changes they decided to have a quarterly meeting with all the departments that overseen by the Director. There has been some sections that were added to our team recently so we had a pot luck with Texas BBQ. I know after our barbeque we had to attend a meeting to address some up coming changes in the future they will finally be rolling out a new system which is great because the system reminds me of DOS in some ways. So they are preparing for the new system and we are giving input for what we will need. So they were reviewing the time line for the launch of the new system which is still almost two years away.

I know Duchess has always had a way of making very serious things less serious at times. I know on numerous occasions she will make weird noises during meetings. She has this perfect timing for the noises as well. During the presentation she made this really long almost grumble sound. The funny part is the director look at the person presenting and says is your stomach a little upset from lunch. I know the whole room was laughing and told the director that Duchess decided to throw in some comic relief into our meeting. I think we all were laughing for several minutes. I know working in Accounting things are very serious at times so we all need things to lighten the mood at times. Leave it to Duchess to getting the whole room laughing this is not the first time and I am sure it won't be the last. I know these moments in particular she reminds me how fun having her around can be.

I know I think I can get so wrapped up at times and miss the good parts if I am not careful and Duchess has her ways of reminding of what is really important. I know I could not have a better partner than her. She keeps me laughing in the midst of the chaos at times. I am really surprised how fast the time is flying bye.

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