Friday, May 1, 2015

Stress In Every Area

I know most days recently I have been so thankful to see my numbers getting closer to where it used to be since my procedure I had back in January which I am thankful I went through with. I know I am seeing my blood sugars to have less spikes and less quick rises in general and I can go hours now staying fairly level which is a relief. I know it used to be easier before all this started several years ago. I know if I can get back to where I was things were much easier in general and I did not have to do as much basal changes which is really nice. I know I was really happy to know that my Dr. said my numbers were great and that there was no changes necessary yesterday.

I know this past week I have experienced several really intense conversations and other issues have arisen that have caused me issue with sleep and other blood sugar issues. I know yesterday I was frustrated dealing with some issues I have been working on for the past month and I am still working on getting things sorted out. It has been difficult with being told the wrong information then having to redo paper work again. So it has been a tough week emotionally and physically as well. I have been extending my work outs and also been eating less carbohydrates when possible. I am trying to lose some weight not too much though. I have noticed the more I care about an issue the more it tends to wreck my blood sugars. Last night for example I had a low of 54 and I over treated it but did bolus for what I did over eat. Then my Dexcom kept trying to make my blood sugar high when it was actually 130 it kept saying I was 180. I know both dexcom recievers were going off and it drove me crazy last night.

I know when I am dealing with difficult issues in every part of my life it can be very overwhelming to also throw my Diabetes into the mix as well. I know I have learned that I need to some times be more careful during these times to not just give in and over treat my lows or over bolus because I don't want to deal with a high because the rest of my life is stressful. At times I handle these situations better but the stress was in every area of my life this week. I know thankfully Duchess has been super at alerting to my changing blood sugars and has really helped me keep my blood sugars in range as much as possible. I know these time I am so thankful to have her with me. I know it seems strange but on a stressful day I can pet her and play with her and everything seems so much more manageable.

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