Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When Things Get in the Way

I have been struggling with some events that happened at work recently. I decided to apply for a position my coworker had. She just left for another job and so they are going to be looking for a replacement. I know I trained my coworker on a great deal of things she did in her job daily. When I was under different management previously they did not want us to know each others job. I know this has not helped when I am applying for her job but the interesting part is that most of things I have taught her were used as part of the job she had. So I applied the director supported me applying my manager thought I should not apply. I think it relates back to some of the seizures and bad lows at work. I know that will always play a part in me not being able to move up in my job to an extent.

The interesting part is that it would actually be cheaper for them to train me on the two things I am not as familiar with than to train someone new to the University. So my stress levels have been climbing. I know I had told the director of my section that I was applying so i felt obligated even though my manager did not support my decision to apply. So out of principal I applied because I said I was going to. I know I have worked the day after I got out of the hospital for a seizure in the past and through Sunday that week. I am really surprised now that they doubt my ability to do the job efficiently. I know my manager told me that other positions will be available in the future I could apply for. I have hear this my whole career and nothing has ever come from these so called open positions that could open up in the future.

I know right now we are going to be at full capacity and I don't see them adding more positions so at this point there is no where for me to go except to look at other potions in the University. The issue with that is having Duchess at work has been so difficult. Changing to a new position is overwhelming because I need to educate them but also deal with more complaints or issues that could arise. I know I want more opportunities but at times just even thinking about it is overwhelming. I am thinking it might be time to leave for other opportunities because I fear I will not have any opportunities to advance. I know I do my best to manage my Diabetes but it has never been easy. So at this point I know moving on seems like the only way I may be able to advance.

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