Friday, May 15, 2015

Diabetes Blog Week- Post 5 Wildcard

Diabetes Blog Week Post#5 - Wildcard

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Diabetes can sure bring some crazy moments.  So tell us your Top 3 craziest D related stories!  If you can't think of three, don't worry.  We're just as happy with one or two . . . .   (Thank you Maria M of My Life: A Long Trip with T1D for this topic.)

I know my life with Duchess is always interesting to say the least. My life with Duchess is so much better in so many ways. She has kept me safe over the past couple of years. She constantly brings humor to my life in so many ways as well. I think at times I get way too serious and she reminds me to not be too serious. I need to work on that but I also know that working in accounting tends to be very serious and so it happens. We do have fun in my office but we always have so much to do. I know during another recent meeting Duchess ended up being the center of attention.

This meeting was pretty serious as we are approaching the busiest time of year at work for all of us. So the director was talking and then Duchess decides that she is not amused with being in the meeting. So next thing I know I hear this grunting noise. The interesting thing is an employee is making a very similar noise to what Duchess was. I am not sure if she was trying to copy the person or was randomly making the noises. So she continued on and off to make the noises. Then finally the director thought it was the employee making that noise and asked them if they needed to run to the restroom they could. Then everyone in the room starts laughing. Another employee then says I actually think that was Duchess making the noises. I am sitting there just dying because the timing of the noises. I know everyone in the room was laughing.

There was a meeting about two months ago where we had Texas Barbecue for lunch. Then had our meeting. So I ate then headed into the meeting. We were having the meeting and our guest speaker started his speech. Just as he started Duchess was making a noise actually very similar to the sound your stomach makes when upset. My boss was looking at our guest speaker after the noise got louder and louder. Then Duchess make another weird noise. Then my Director ask the speaker if he was okay. Then he said it was not his stomach making the noise and the whole room full of people started laughing. Leave it to Duchess to make everyone laugh. I know thankfully she was quite the rest of the meeting but I know it really lightened up the mood after that.

I know I was riding the bus the other day and my shirt moved up further on my arm. My Dexcom sensor was quite noticeable. I know the woman on the bus next to me said why would you attach such an ugly thing to your arm. I told her that it was a cgm and that I used it to help me manage my Diabetes more efficiently. I showed her the graphs and how it worked. The woman said she had never heard of this technology before and she had a niece or nephew with Diabetes. I know she said she was now curious as to why they were not using this same technology. I gave her Dexcom's website address so she could pass on the information to family. I know after the woman got off the bus I had to laugh I am so used to wearing it I tend to forget how goofy it looks to wear it on your arms. So I know people who have not idea it is a sensor really must think I am crazy to an extent.


  1. Aw, that's great you were able to educate and advocate! And funny stories about the noises Duchess was making :)

    1. Thank Kelly. Duchess is always finding new noises to make and just the right moments to do so. It was nice to educate and I got a good laugh too.