Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Changing Needs

I know recently I have noticed that my Rheumatoid Arthritis medication does not seem to be working as well as it once was. I am not sure if I need a higher dosage or just need to change medications. I know the Methotrexate for the most part has worked well but it really has some down sides to taking this medication. I do lose more of my hair than normal, it tend to catch more colds and  I can't drink more than two drinks in one week. I know most of the time it seems to work okay but an issue I have noticed is that by Wednesday of each week I can feel more pain and stiffness. It is like the medication stops on Tuesday evening and I am unable to take more until Thursday evening. I know each morning I have noticed that I have had increasing difficulty with my hands and being able to get my body to function like normal. So I know my up coming appointment with my Rheumatologist I know I have some issue to discuss.

I am not really sure what the Dr. is going to recommend but after a year of the Methotrexate I am not feeling like it is for me. I am hoping she is willing to help me find a drug that will not have as many restrictions like Methotrexate does such as I have to limit sun exposure which is difficult when living in Texas. I also need to avoid people who are sick because it does suppress the immune system. Then I am not able to even enjoy the occasional drink with friends because it can elevate the levels of your liver which is not good.  So I know I am not really happy at this point and I am hoping they have other options available but I also know my insurance only covers one or two RA medications currently the rest are not covered. So my choices are limited which does not help. All I know is that today at work I have needed to get up more because my medication does seem effective enough. Hoping I can get some results I need soon.

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